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The Boardgame Mandala ~ analysis of mandala patterns The Self in Historical Light ~ Iamblichus versus Porphyry Critique of Individuation ~ a critical look on the spiritual path The Upward and Downward Paths of the Spirit ~ archetypal projections and the soul's ascent Ethical Complementarity ~ A Complementarian Moral Theory Spirit and Psyche ~ Complementary Paradigms The Complementarian Self ~ irreconcilable opposites cofunction in the self Bergman themes ~ leitmotives in the films of Ingmar Bergman Jung and Swedenborg: modern Neoplatonists ~ a discussion of pagan aspects in modern thought Complementation in Psychology ~ an argument against psychology's focus on integration Critique of Synchronicity ~ the "shadow" of Jungian psychology Jungian concepts in the light of quantum physics The Puer Aeternus ~ underminer of civilization Complementation in fairytales ~ an alternative method of interpretation The Dark Shadow Of The Quaternity ~ a critique of the Jungian unitarian Self The Spiritual Method ~ complementation as spiritual writing Symbolic Poverty ~ the missing symbolical relatedness and the inability to accept sufferingThe Blood Sacrifice ~ its symbolism and psychology Matriarchal consciousness ~ an intrusion of a lower consciousness in culture Dependency in the analytic relationship ~ A Blind Spot in Jungian Thinking? The dying god ~ the real meaning of the motif of the dying god, such as Narcissus The animistic archetypal nature of the unconscious Race and Racialism ~ the burning issue Insights into the Race Issue ~ we are different, after all Understanding European psychology ~ its footing in medieval interiority Cognitive Science and the Archetypal Unconscious ~ about unconscious metaphors Thanatos ~ the death drive Complementaris Mundus ~ a complementarian metaphysic The Unconscious is Spirit ~ about the spiritual urge in mankind The Sphinxlike Unconscious ~ the unconscious is ultimately unknowable Creativity ~ two forms of creativity Terrorism ~ the psychodynamic principles behind terrorism Critique of Feminism ~ on women's collective shadow Hero Worship ~ its destructive effects in our culture Mysterium Iniquitatis ~ the problem of evil and the shadow  ...Revised! The penitential disease ~ neither psyche nor soma Two types of psychoanalysis ~ is a goal-oriented psychoanalysis possible? Phenomenology ~ a critique of a school of thought in modern psychology Paul Roubiczek ~ Roubiczek's critique of romantic philosophy and its aftereffects James Hillman ~ a critique of Hillman's "archetypal psychology" D. W. Winnicott ~ a critique of Winnicott's psychology Fairytales ~ an interpretation of The Golden Blackbird according to von Franz's method Sigmund Freud ~ a constructive critique of the structural model in psychoanalysis Group narcissism ~ about the pathology of the social group Intersubjectivity ~ about the philosophical and psychological notion of 'intersubjectivity' Psychoanalysis ~ the ongoing self-destruction of psychoanalysis Dora ~ reanalysis of Freud's famous case of "Dora" Edward F. Edinger ~ a critique of Edinger's psychological thinking Psychology at the crossroad ~ metapsychological concepts as common knowledge Conflict theory ~ a critique of Brenner's "conflict theory" Science ~ about the overestimation of the scientific paradigm The Plastic Preachers ~ about degenerate psychology and religion The Morphic Deception ~ a critique of a typical New Age philosophy The Hill ~ analysis of rock lyrics The Beast ~ comments on the starry-eyed belief in our technological future

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Artiklar på svenska

Romantiken ~ Roubiczeks kritik av den romantiska rörelsen och dess nutida inflytande C.G. Jung ~ en sammanfattning av jungiansk psykologi Terrorn och kulturens neuros ~ om terrordådet i Norge Egots profet ~ en kritik av Edward F. Edingers psykologi En svensk konservatism ~ politisk konservatism    Alkemi ~ alkemi som en mystisk tradition Bibelhistoria ~ en resumé av David Rohls teorier Gud 2000 ~ en recension av Koskinens bok Enocks liknelser ~ om den märkliga apokryfiska boken Sofia ~ om gudomlighetens feminina aspekt Millennarism ~ om eskatologiska föreställningar Sofism ~ om den förhärskande relativismens konsekvenser Narcissism ~ en recension av boken Övergivenhet och Främlingskap Beowulf ~ om Beowulfkvädet, ett medeltida engelskt epos om en svensk hjälte Homosexualitetens orsaksgrund ~ ej så oproblematiskt som det hävdas


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