astrological chart

My birth chart (1960). Most notable is the prominent position of the moon. It is the ruler of the horoscope in that it controls a full halfcircle. Saturn and Mars are in conjunction with the ascendant. The moon can hopefully mould this ominous aspect into something fruitful. (Whether astrological charts should be taken seriously is another question.)

Mats Winther

Mats L. Winther (Oct 2010).

Mats WintherMy essays tackle difficult and controversial issues and try to avoid a rehash of old stuff. This will hopefully make them interesting to advanced readers (who are sure to find a few arguments that are slightly shaky). The enthusiasm for psychological and religious subjects took root early, leading to private studies. I write to improve my own understanding. It's a form of self-education to formulate one's thoughts in a coherent article. Education: physics, computer science & comparative religion (Stockholm University). I have researched and programmed many historical boardgames. I live in Stockholm, Sweden. My preferred spare time recreation is woodland walks (Dec 2008).

Ester Viola and Paul August Lennart WintherMy mother, E. Viola (born Göransson), and my father Paul Winther, parents of four sons, of which I am the third. According to DNA analysis, my heritage is: 69,4% Scandinavian, 15,9% Baltic and 14,7% Finnish.

Mats Lennart Winther as king's guard

Me as Royal Guard ('80 or '81).

M. Winther as a boyEarly sixties.

Pictures of my hometown, Stockholm (photos by me)

Stockholm Old Town

The Old Town

The Skeppsholmen Church, StockholmThe Skeppsholmen Church. It was inaugurated in Anno Domini 1300.

Passenger boats, StockholmPassenger boats

The head library, StockholmThe head library  

The porphyry vase, StockholmThe porphyry vase at Djurgården, the foremost park in Stockholm

Industry, StockholmIndustry at Västberga

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