Chess Variants with standard equipment

All the following variants can be played with a standard set of pieces and board.

Valiant Chess - introducing a new pawn move.

Dynamic Chess - introducing a new pawn move (also Chess4).

Fischer Placement Chess - generating a modest subset of Chess960.

Castle Chess - with extended castle rule.

Extrapawn Chess - standard chess with extra pawn.

Chess-9 - rearranging the piece array.

Future Chess - a relocation variant with extra corner squares.

Multi-chess - regroupment in the initial array (Chess57).

Regroupment Chess - regroupment in the piece array (also Chess484).

Configuration Chess - reconfiguring the piece array (also Chess400).

Placement Chess - reconfiguring the piece array (also Chess20).

Arrangement Chess - rearranging the piece array (also Chess100).

Relocation Chess - rearranging the piece array.

Regiment Chess - reordering the piece array (also Regiment Random Chess).

Revised Chess - introducing the revised pawn.

Hopper Chess - introducing the new hop move (Hoppschack)

Elephant Chess - a tranquil form of chess. (Elefantschack)

Orphic Chess - an entrancing chess (Orfisk schack)

Meteoric Chess Drop-chess.

New Chess - drop-chess with pawn relocation (Nyschack)

Gunnery Chess - introducing the cannon pawn (Artillerischack)

Elk Chess - enters the Elk, the King of the Wood (Älgschack)

Improved Chess - an improvement of Fide-chess

Phalanx Chess - introducing the Phalanx pawn

Reformed Chess - introducing swapping pawns

Warlock Chess - introducing the transforming Warlock

Matron Chess - introducing the attacking Matron

Twinmove Chess - a fully practicable double-move chess (Dubbeldragschack)

Chess256 - the end to opening monotony (Randomiserat schack, Schack-256)

Magicpawns Chess - introducing the flighty magic pawn (Den magiska bonden)

Royal CannonChess - introducing the royal cannon move (kanondraget)

Hopper-Elk Chess - a dynamic variant with hopper moves (Älgschack med hopp-drag)

Elkrider Chess - introducing the Elkrider (Älgryttarschack)

Cannonrider Chess - introducing the Cannonrider (Kanonschack)

Magneticpawns Chess - introducing the magnetic pawn

Scorpion Chess - introducing the dangerous Scorpion pawn (Skorpionschack)

Swedish Chess - finally, the “perfect” chess variant. (Svenskt Schack)

Dromedary Chess - the long-leaper unshackled (Dromedarschack)

Geminus Chess - twinmove drop-chess (Geminusschack)

Samhain Chess - in commemoration of the ancient Celts

Shamanic Chess - introducing the shaman piece (Shaman-schack)

Chess-B - a complement to Fide-chess. (Schack-B)

Harpy Chess - introducing the pestering Harpy (Harpya-schack)

Pitcher Chess - introducing the catapult pawn.

Leapfrog Chess - introducing the hopping pawn.

Extrapawn Chess - standard chess with extra pawn.