Pitcher Chess

introducing the catapult pawn

Pitcher Chess

The pawns are called "Pitchers". They function like regular pawns with the exception of the following. When a Pitcher moves one step, any man standing behind it is catapulted to the square in front of the Pitcher, provided that the square is not occupied by a friendly piece. If an enemy piece is positioned here it will be captured. An enemy pawn cannot be catapulted to the first rank. A friendly pawn catapulted to the last rank is promoted to queen only. Otherwise this variant functions like regular chess.

Paradoxically, in endgames you can sometimes block an enemy pawn by placing a piece behind it. The piece will be catapulted and placed in front of the enemy pawn if the pawn moves.

  You can download my free Pitcher Chess program here, (updated 2008-03-30) but you must own the software Zillions of Games to be able to run it (I recommend the download version).

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© M. Winther (March 2008).