Jeremy Good's

Royal Pawn Chess

introducing the absolute pawn


The goal is to checkmate the Royal Pawn, initially positioned at e2 and e7.

1. A Royal Pawn can't move through check or into check, that is, it cannot pass or enter a threatened square (including 'en passant' situations).
2. In the unlikely event the Royal Pawn reaches the eighth rank, that shall count as a win.
3. The non-royal King can castle, even if the squares are threatened.
4. The Royal Pawn must move as any other pawn.
5. In all other respects the rules are the same as in regular chess.

Needless to say, make no early advances with the Royal Pawn, but keep it protected. Remember that the King is now a regular piece, having the same value as a Bishop or Knight. It is very suitable as an escort to the Royal Pawn. Try to activate the King early (don't hide it in the corner as is usual). This is a very tactical game where you can ferociously sacrifice all pieces to get to the enemy Royal Pawn. Games are often short. This variant was invented by Jeremy Good.

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