Reformed International Draughts

Reformed International Draughts

This variant follows the same rules as International Draughts, except that a King can also capture another King orthogonally; but only from standstill (not later in the capture sequence). Thus, two Kings win against one. Comparatively, in International Draughts, four Kings are required. This game was inspired by Hoogland Checkers (here). It is designed to solve the draw crisis of International Draughts.


Reformed International Draughts, exampleHere White can capture the King, but not the second King. Instead the Man can be captured.

Piece movement

Capture is mandatory and one must choose the longest line. If a Man lands on a promotion square during capture, it continues capturing as a Man. A Man steps diagonally forward, but captures in the four diagonal directions. A King slides and captures diagonally, but can also capture an enemy King by making an orthogonal jump from standstill. It makes long jumps to capture, like in International Draughts. Captured pieces are removed after the sequence. Capturing is mandatory, and you must keep jumping and capturing as long as possible. The object is to capture all your opponent’s men by jumping over them, or stalemate the opponent so he has no moves.

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Winther, M. (2015). ‘Modern Draughts’. (here)

☛  You can download my free Reformed International Draughts program here (updated 2020-10-07), but you must own the software Zillions of Games to be able to run it. (I recommend the download version.)

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