Fischer Random Chess

(or Chess960)

Fischer Random Chess

The opening setup for the Pawns is the same as usual. The opening setup for the pieces is chosen randomly while satisfying the following conditions:

• The King must be placed somewhere between the Rooks.
• The two Bishops must start on squares of different colors.
• The Black setup mirrors the White setup.

When castling left (O-O-O), the King moves to c1 (c8) and the Rook moves to d1 (d8). When castling right (O-O) the King moves to g1 (g8) and the Rook moves to f1 (f8). The King must not move to, from or over an attacked square; the King and Rook must not have been moved. Note that if the King starts the game on a castling destination square (c or g), castling on that side is done by moving the Rook instead of the King.

Fischer Random Chess was invented by former World Chess champion Bobby Fischer. It is designed to overcome the problem of opening monotony. Study the opening position carefully before you make the first move. Notice the strength and weaknesses, and think of how to develop the pieces most efficiently.

Fischer Random Chess, exampleExample position after randomization. Later, players can castle long by simply moving the queen Rook to d1 (d8), or castle short by moving the King to g1 (g8).

☛  You can download my free Fischer Random Chess program here, but you must own the software Zillions of Games to be able to run it (I recommend the download version).

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