Correlator Chess

featuring the new Correlator piece

Correlator Chess

Extra pieces are the Correlators which move as queens but capture in cooperation with the king. After a Correlator move, enemy pieces are captured (1) at the intersections of the orthogonals (2) at the intersections of the diagonals (on which king and Correlator are placed). So capture occurs at queen move distance from the king, at rectangular and triangular intersection points. The Correlator can capture several pieces at once.

The Correlator's strength corresponds to that of a rook. In the endgame it could be very useful as it's easier for the king to be active. Correlator Chess is inspired by Coordinator Chess, but the Correlator can be more active than the Coordinator while the former has more capture possibilities.

It could be a good idea to put the king at risk by keeping it active in opening and middlegame. In this way the capture opportunities of the Correlators are increased. To realize a pawn majority in the endgame could be very difficult if the opponent still has recourse to a Correlator. The Correlator can effectively stop a pawn's advance from afar.

Correlator Chess, exampleThe Correlator can capture both pieces by going to the marked square; the rook is captured at the diagonal intersection, and the bishop at the orthogonal intersection.

  You can download my free Correlator Chess program here (updated 2008-08-29), but you must own the software Zillions of Games to be able to run it (I recommend the download version).

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