Gustavian Camelrider Chess

featuring the long-leaping Camelrider

Gustavian Camelrider Chess

The objective is checkmate. On the b and g-files are initially positioned two Camelriders per side (the knights are positioned on the four extra corner squares). The Camelrider moves like a Camel (that is, 1 + 3, like an extended knight) but may continue any number of leaps in the same direction (on this board, a maximum of two leaps), provided that the intermediate square is empty. Otherwise regular rules apply, except for the additional possibility of pawn promotion to Camelrider. On this board the Camelrider has the value of a knight or bishop.

Beware of the Camelrider's capability of long-range threats, especially to the king. Such threats are difficult to ward off since one cannot go between with a piece, except on the intermediate square. Camelriders can, like bishops, only visit one square colour. Gustavian Camelrider Chess was invented and implemented by undersigned, July 2006. I don't know who invented the Camelrider, but the Camel is known since medieval times.

"Gustavian" refers to the board type, which was invented by Gustav III of Sweden, for his Gustav III's Chess. This board proved suitable for the Camelrider while it can not jump more than two steps. Hence the piece value is the same as a light piece. It makes the game easier to comprehend, despite the introduction of this curious piece.

Camelrider jumpsThis image illustrates the Camelrider's continuous jumps (here, in the forward directions, only).

There is also a variant where Scorpions take the place of the pawns (see Scorpion Chess). The Scorpion has the additional moves of a Knight, but only in two forward directions: east-north-east, and west-north-west. There are no additional capture moves.The Scorpion's value is half the value of a Knight, Bishop, or Camelrider, that is, 1.5. This means that a light piece can be exchanged for two Scorpions, a possibility which often occurs. In the endgame it could become very dangerous, and its value often increases.)

  You can download my free Gustavian Camelrider Chess program here, (updated 2006-12-08) but you must own the software Zillions of Games to be able to run it.

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