Bombardier Chess

introducing the Bombardier

Bombardier Chess

The Bombardier moves like a Camelrider, and makes continuous camel-moves (3+1) in the same direction (on this board, a maximum of two), but it captures like a rook. Its value corresponds to a bishop, or a little more (preliminary estimate). The other rules are the same as in standard chess, except for the possible promotion to Bombardier. The Camelrider moves gives it a good mobility in congested middlegame positions. The Bombardier has the same weakness as the bishop, namely that it can only step on squares of the same colour. But it can change square colour when capturing.

While it is less valuable than a rook, the Bombardier can oppose an enemy rook on an open file and force it to move away. The Bombardier can, thanks to its long leaps, infiltrate the enemy position in a startling way. Thanks to the extra corner squares (the trenches), the notorious problem of the weak first rank is solved. The trenches do affect the strategy to a degree. Bombardier Chess, and the new Bombardier piece, were invented by undersigned, February 2007. The Scorpion (in the extra variant) derives from my Scorpion Chess.

bombardier : n (1560) 1 a) archaic : ARTILLERYMAN b) : a noncommissioned officer in the British artillery 2 : a bomber-crew member who releases the bombs

Bombardiers move like camelriders, but cannot capture this way. Instead they capture like rooks.

  You can download my free Bombardier Chess program here, but you must own the software Zillions of Games to be able to run it (I recommend the download version).

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© M. Winther (February 2007).