Asean Chess

Asean Chess

The official rules of Asean Chess are like standard chess except that (1) the bishop moves one step diagonally in all directions, or one step forwards and (2) the queen moves only one step diagonally. Pawns promote to any piece (except king) on the eight rank. Stalemate is draw.

The Laws of Asean Chess were adopted at the ASEAN-Chess Council at Bangkok, Thailand on March 14, 2011. The variant is a combination of Thai/Cambodian Chess and Western Chess. I have suggested an alternative variant where the King cannot move away from check. So one must go between or the piece must be captured, or else it’s checkmate. This faster variant is inspired from Makpong, a variant of Thai Chess (Makruk).

Asean Chess bishop movementIn the beginning the bishop is clearly weaker than a knight, but can in later situations be more valuable than a knight. It is slow; but it is a good defensive piece and also suitable for giving mate.

Asean Chess queen movementThe queen moves only one step on the diagonals.

Asean chess playersA game from the 30th Sea Games (Asean Chess) 2019 (YouTube).


The Laws of Asean-Chess | Asean Chess Confederation.

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