Paul Sijben’s


a war-game with rules similar to Halma

Aboyne (hexagonal)

A stone may (1) move to an adjacent empty cell or (2) jump over a friendly stone, or a line of friendly stones, landing on the cell immediately beyond. If that cell is occupied by an enemy stone, that stone is captured. Capture is not mandatory. A stone cannot move into the opponent’s goal cell. Note! A stone that is adjacent to any enemy stone cannot move.

The winner is the player who moves a stone into their own goal cell (at the opposite end of the board) or stalemates the opponent. Aboyne was designed by Paul Sijben in 1995.


‘Aboyne’. (1995). (here)

☛  You can download my free Aboyne program here, but you must own the software Zillions of Games to be able to run it. (I recommend the download version.)

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