achieve five-in-line with double-moves

Quintuplio (hexagonal)

Quintuplio is played on an Alquerque board with five counters each. The winner is the first to achieve five counters in a line: horizontal, vertical, or diagonal. Black begins. Players take turns to place their counters on the intersections. After the dropping phase, the play continues with double-moves. A counter is moved to a neighbouring vacant position. Thereupon any other friendly counter must be relocated to the position left vacant.

This is a surprisingly difficult game. Remember that a counter can be transported over the board. So all pieces need not be gathered to achieve five-in-line. Quintuplio was invented by undersigned, August 2018.

☛  You can download my free Quintuplio program here, but you must own the software Zillions of Games to be able to run it. (I recommend the download version.)

© M. Winther, 2018 August