Northern Slovakian Halma

Northern Slovakian Halma

A Man either moves diagonally forward to an empty square or optionally begins a jump sequence, over any piece. The chosen sequence must be completed. Pieces always go diagonally forward, by steps or jumps. However, a piece at the farthest rank may step backwards. Capture does not occur. The goal is to place all the pieces in the opponent’s home zone.

In this implementation, a piece is forced to jump out of the home zone if an enemy piece is placed before it. This is to prevent a blocking strategy. Stalemate is loss.

This Halma variant is played in Northern Slovakia, Orava. It’s called Preskakovan√°, which means ‘skip-over’.


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  You can download my free Northern Slovakian Halma program here, but you must own the software Zillions of Games to be able to run it (I recommend the download version).

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