Bolyar Chess is probably not authentic! The material on the following link is really created by me. The author has without permission copied all my material on Bolyar Chess; text, images, including the program which he claims to have created himself. I have now removed Bolyar Chess from my own site because I have come to the conclusion that it's not an authentic historical variant. My initial information came from this web site, to which I duly linked from my own Bolyar page. I made a better presentation of the game. Now his page is useless as a reference link because it now contains only my own work. Most intriguingly, there was earlier a section about how he happened upon the material in a bookshop in London, and there was mention of the game in old letters, etc. Curiously, this description is now gone, although there is something in Bulgarian which I cannot read. On this Bulgarian site there has now appeared another historical variant, namely "Abagoren Chess". But, in this case as well, there are no references in the Encyclopedia of Chess Variants or anywhere else, as far as I know. This variant, too, introduces so many strange novelties, something which makes it seem unhistorical.

© M. Winther (August 2007).